Vagabond Mural pt.1

I was recently given the opportunity to paint a mural in the alley way behind Vagabond Coffee, a local coffee shop in Murray Hill area of Jacksonville, FL. So happy with how this turned out. The wall was huge and a bit intimidating at the start, but once things got going it wasn't so bad. Extremely thankful to have the help from some really rad people. If it wasn't for them, I'd probably still be out there painting this beast. 


Gold Cup

Mug. Mug. Mug. While trying not to lose a fight with my anxiety at IKEA, I came across some of their mugs. They were just asking to be drawn/painted on, so I grabbed a few. I used a gold sharpie paint pen and then coated it with dishwasher safe waterproof Modpodge. Using a paint pen wasn't the easiest thing to use. I ended up needing to put down a base layer with a Modpodge matte spray, to give it some texture for the paint to hold onto. Originally the mug surface was too slick, so when trying to build up the lines, I was just removing what I had previous put down, even after letting it dry before tying adding to the lines.

I have a few more of these mugs that I want to paint, so knowing what I know now, I'm hoping they won't take quite as long.