Thanks Emily Henderson!

This morning I was contacted through Etsy, asking if I had anymore of my I Dream of Outer Space posters (unfortunately I don't) and informing me that they saw it on Emily Henderson's blog post from this morning. SUPER COOL. I'm not really familiar with her, but she designed (interior) a lake house a couple years ago and in one of the rooms, she used my I Dream of Outer Space poster, which I think is super rad. It was actually featured in the March 2014 issue of Country Living magazine. This morning she did a post about it on her blog.  

Unfortunately I do not have any more of these posters, but it is on my Society6 page. There you can find prints (not screen prints) and a variety of products with the artwork on it.

You can check out Emily's post here.
Find the print here.

Thanks Emily for using my poster! So awesome!