Gold Cup

Mug. Mug. Mug. While trying not to lose a fight with my anxiety at IKEA, I came across some of their mugs. They were just asking to be drawn/painted on, so I grabbed a few. I used a gold sharpie paint pen and then coated it with dishwasher safe waterproof Modpodge. Using a paint pen wasn't the easiest thing to use. I ended up needing to put down a base layer with a Modpodge matte spray, to give it some texture for the paint to hold onto. Originally the mug surface was too slick, so when trying to build up the lines, I was just removing what I had previous put down, even after letting it dry before tying adding to the lines.

I have a few more of these mugs that I want to paint, so knowing what I know now, I'm hoping they won't take quite as long.